Individual Product Information Notes

Code Name: for products with an ‘MA’ designation the code name is a more or less unchanging international code determined and registered by the manufacturer in India. 

Other Names: these include former Code Names, former UK fancy names and fancy names from other countries.

Public Information: an indication of the information about the uses of the product offered to the public.

Ingredient Common name: a rather arbitrary choice from the available common names that is biased towards brevity. 

Rank of the ingredient is its position in the order of proportion (i.e. rank 1 is the main ingredient, rank 2 the second, etc.)

Presentation: the unit quantity is rarely changed but there can be variation in the packaging materials.
HDPE = High Density Polyethylene
PET = polyethylene terephthalate
T/e = tamper evident

Gross Weight: this refers to the product in the packaging materials indicated in the Presentation.